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Increased Revenues

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Here's What Others Had To Say

Benefits of outsourcing your search engine optimization Efforts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a critical component of online marketing for many companies in the Austin area. When you consider that on average, more than 40 per cent of revenue is captured by organic traffic on search engines, it is easy to see why so many companies are making the investment into search marketing.

While you may already be convinced that your business needs to enhance its online presence, you may be wondering what is the best approach - is it better to handle it internally or outsource the efforts?

The truth is there is no one correct answer - there are advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing. In some cases, a business might benefit more from an in-house team. Whereas, in other cases, it may be more feasible to outsource. However, when you consider that search marketing is a strategic process that takes lots of time and resources, the most effective approach for many businesses is to outsource. Here are the reasons why:

The Cost: When you outsource, you save both time and money.

When you outsource, you pay for the services you need, only when they are required. You not only save important resources like time and money, but you can feel confident with the knowledge that your investment will result in company growth and improved sales. Outsourcing to an experienced and knowledgeable agency means that you will avoid mistakes that could be quite costly when you try to do it all on your own.

Let's consider for a moment, the alternative of outsourcing - you develop an in-house team. What would it cost? How much time would it take for your team to learn and implement search marketing tasks? While the prospect may initially seem like a more affordable option, consider the long-term costs. Search marketing is not a one time task. Instead, it requires consistent work over a period of time for long-term results. Can your team dedicate the time required to not only learn, but implement these tasks daily?

A truly effective search marketing strategy consists of a team of persons working together to achieve one ultimate goal - an improved online presence, resulting in more web traffic, and as a result more business. For a fraction of the cost of hiring new staff or training existing staff, you can rent the expertise of an outside expert who can provide tangible results.

Skills: Implementing SEO Can Be Harder Than You Think.

Austin SEO

While SEO may seem like a simple practice of stuffing keywords on web pages, it is actually a more complex process that addresses a wide range of issues. Tactics by inexperienced persons could actually cause harm to the online presence of your business. Even more, the SEO industry is constantly evolving, and practices that may have worked last year, may be discouraged this year.

If your internal team are not experts, chances are they could make mistakes that could set your website, and your business back. An SEO expert is aware of all of the elements that are necessary to boost your company's online presence. Outsourcing these efforts puts the duty into the hands of someone who has dedicated their career to keeping up with the best practices and trends.

Finally, search marketing is not a one-time solution, but rather a strategic process that takes time. Companies who handle SEO internally tend to make search marketing efforts a low priority when it gets busy. However, to achieve efficient, long-term results from search marketing, a consistent and considerable approach over a period of time is required.

If you are seeking to improve your business' online presence, but are not able to support your internal team with the time, resources, tools, and training that are necessary for success in search engine optimization, then outsourcing is the best option. Utilizing an outside expert will help you to achieve the business growth you desire, and leave your team to focus on the things they are already experts at.