Does internet marketing have you feeling a bit confused?

Get a FREE Website Audit and Discover What's Missing. 


There's not a day  that goes by where you don't see some blogger write about the flavor-of-week marketing tactic.  

One day, they say  you have to do Social Media and start a half dozen accounts, and wax poetic about your business.  The next day, Social Media is lame and blogging is all the rage (again).

Wait, the other guy said the build an email list and some one else said to do search engine optimization!

What should you do?

internet marketing confusion

That's where we, at Ascend Web Media, come in!

Because of our 15 years of experience with all sizes of business across too many industries to count, we can look at your unique situation and develop the strategy that works best for you!

There Is NO One-Size-Fits-All!

Get a FREE Website Audit and Discover What's Missing. 

How Does The Website Audit Work?

STEP 1 - Enter Your Website

Using the form above (or below), just enter your business website. Next, the system will ask you where you want the preliminary results sent.

Search Engine Optimization

Step 2 - Digging deeper

One of our specialists will look at those results, analyze your competitions, and to a multi-point check up to see how visible your company is online.

Step 3 - go over results

We'll schedule a time to go over what we've discovered along the way. This no obligation conversation also serves to help us understand the goals you have for your business.

Pay Per Call Service

step 4 - strategy time!

Once we have had the chance to discuss your goals, it's time to craft a unique strategy that minimizes the time to reach them!

Get a FREE Website Audit and Discover What's Missing. 


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