Get Exclusive HVAC Phone Leads

Get calls from customers that are looking for HVAC services. Because this is a phone call, you don't share it with your competitors!  Plus the call only counts if:

  • It is over *30 seconds
  • It is in your service area
  • It is from someone that's actually looking for HVAC help

If not, you don't pay for the call!

What We Do

Pay Per Call Service

HVAC Pay Per Call

If you know how to close deals, we can send you as many phone calls as you can handle.

Direct calls from people looking for your services. These are exclusive to you!

Best of all, you only pay for valid calls. 

A valid call is one that is in your service area and looking for your services, voicemail included. You don't pay for telemarketers, hangups, or anything where someone doesn't want your help.

How We Help

Increase Revenues

Increase Revenues

Because we don't sell our leads to other HVAC companies, you have a greater chance of closing the deal and earning a long-term customer.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed Reporting

Log in to review and listen too all the calls that we send you. There is no mystery around that value we provide to you. 100% transparency!

No long term contracts

​No Long Term Contracts

No need to worry about long term contracts because everything is month-to-month. Despite that, we are in it for the long haul and dedicated to your success.

No Long Term Contracts

How You Benefit

Customer dashboard


You will be able to see exactly what calls we sent your way by logging into our cloud based dashboard. Everything is recorded so that you can go back and listen to your handy work or even see where you can improve your internal sales process.

Account Manager

Our account managers will help you every step of the way. No matter if it is helping you get everything set up and assisting you in making sure you get the most out of our HVAC pay per call services.

Shhh... There's more

There is more that we do but we are wanting to actually show you as time goes on.  Plus, don't want to show our competitors too much information... 🙂

​Here's What Others Say

Working with Fred was about the best investment I could have made. Not only does he look after my SEO, he is also ready to help and give advice on any matter related to my Internet business. I also appreciate his patience and understanding that not everybody is equally Internet savvy. Fred is a true professional and working with him has been an ultimate pleasure.
Here's What Others Say