Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy

An editorial calendar covers the many wonderful pieces of content that you hope to create for your site. However, although you may legitimately expect your pieces to generate leads, as well as hope that site user’s use of them will Sid you in targeting your niche customer, it can not be emphasized enough that an editorial calendar is not a marketing strategy. In the same way that a civil engineer preps the site for the needs of the architect, a marketing strategy provides specific and necessary underpinning for the editorial calendar. Before you can provide worthwhile content, a content marketing strategy should be in place to answer the questions, who are the topics supposed to be of assistance to, that is what sort of person buys what we offer, and why? How can we give the best help out there, is the second necessary question that the content marketing strategy should answer. Finally, it’s important to address how well that help succeeded. Follow-up is important. Without this valuable underpinning, the editorial calendar is likely to miss the mark.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the same way that a civil engineer provides a foundation for the architectural plan, a good content market strategy underpins a a businesses’ editorial calendar.
  • Such a strategy details who the content of the site should be geared to help and how that help can aim to be the best available.
  • Because follow up is always important, the strategy should also attempt to answer the question, did that help prove successful.

“”If your editorial plan isn?t feeling quite right, chances are you don?t have a solid strategy ? or your team doesn?t have a shared understanding of what that strategy is.””

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