Video SEO for Universal Search: How to Get Found in All the Right Places by @gregjarboe

Search engines aren’t what they used to be. Thanks to Google’s Universal Search, users can get data from maps, news and video at the punch of a keyword. Unfortunately, while the technology is there for businesses to get found across the web, in pics, videos, etc, a lot of these businesses are missing out. Many have latched onto the wonder of “Google my business,” and probably optimized their blog content. But, pics and videos remain underutilized revenue sources, waiting to be tapped. A shame, because search engine results tend to feature video and images a lot, up to, and often even more than 20% of the time, according to research. Direct Answers, maps and news appear less often, but they are still worthy ways to ensure businesses get noticed. In the realm of worthy, however, YouTube is a giant among search engines. So, you want to be in their result. Make your video description compelling in the first few sentences. That’s all most searchers will see. Make sure the title is accurate and interesting. If it’s part of a series, it should number accurately and obviously. Use a thumbnail. Change it all up as often as you can and track your video’s performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search results tend to have a lot of pics and videos, which means that businesses are missing out if they fail to take advantage of these options for getting noticed.
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, so ranking well with them is important.
  • Give your video a short, but compelling, description, tag it, and have a thumbnail for it.

“Yes, many have optimized the posts on their blogs. And, a large percentage have optimized their content on Google My Business. But, the biggest opportunity that most web marketers have missed is optimizing the videos on their YouTube channels.”

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