How Real Reviews Help Your Local Business Rank

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It is no mystery that having good reviews can positively affect your search engine rankings and your ability to get potential customers calling you. There are many different platforms that people can leave reviews depending on the market you serve, so it’s important to keep track of those conversations.

With Google, reviews left on your Google My Business platform tend to have the best correlation for rankings. However, the search engines aggregate data from multiple sources, including Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc., so maintaining a positive online reputation is key. Here’s what Search Engine Land has to say on the matter:

A recent study affirmed the strong correlation between ratings and search engine performance for local businesses. The study was conducted by LocalSEO Guide and worked in cooperation with the University Of California, Irvine as well as PlacesScout. It analyzed the correlation between over 200 potential search engine factors and rankings for over 100,000 local businesses.

Specifically, the study found that if a keyword is found in reviews of your business, or if your location is mentioned in a review, those enhance your rankings in the search results.

While the Google My Business reviews are likely to have the largest impact on search engine rankings, they are not the only reviews Google takes into consideration, and it is in your best interest to pick up reviews from third-party sites as well. Third-party review sites can help you pick up more reviews more quickly, and they add diversity to your review profile, which enhances your legitimacy. This, in turn, imbues the reviews with greater authority.


Getting good reviews is obviously a result of providing excellent customer service, but getting people to leave those reviews is another matter. What are you doing, today, to get people to leave honest reviews?

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