How Often Should You Email Your Newsletter List?

As a blogger with a dedicated audience, it is good etiquette and a savvy business practice to touch base with your subscribers on a regular basis. You will want to give them the heads up about new blogs, or offers in a timely fashion. You will want to make this contact by email, hence the forms your subscribers filled out. But, how often? This can be tricky. Inundate your audience and you risk being inbox noise that eventually makes your subscriber push the dreaded unsubscribe button. Touch base too seldom and you risk being forgotten and losing them through inertia. So, ideally it’s wise to set a new email schedule that gets a notice sent to your subscribers about once a month. Dedicated marketing data has shown that those customers on the receiving end want their emails at about a monthly basis, specifically 90%. A smaller but still significant number, 60% opted for weekly notifications. It doesn’t hurt to survey your audience for a prospectus on what they consider to be the ideal timing of your emails. It’s also a good idea to tailor your email output to what your sending. Tutorials, for example, may actually require daily updates. While a writer may not want to inundate her audience with the tedious blow-by-blow of novel-assembly, instead opting for a mass-email to alert when the new book is done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make your emails to your readers more than once a month so they do not forget you but it should not be more than once weekly.
  • An updates email like for a book by an author should be monthly or quarterly and relevant to the book?s progress.
  • If you are unsure and want to know what email frequency your readers want, run a survey that asks them.

“Readers are unlikely to want emails multiple times per day. But if you?re running an intense ecourse (e.g. a week-long one that requires multiple hours of work per day) then it might make sense to email both morning and evening.”

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