Google Warns Using Meta Refresh May Lead to Wrong Content Getting Indexed by @MattGSouthern

Meta refresh can be a great tool when it comes to being directed to a webpage in a fast and efficient manner, but pages that are currently being indexed have shown to be experiencing some small bugs. Webmasters are warning that a new glitch in Google’s interface has caused the wrong pages to be indexed when a visitor uses the meta refresh option for various things such as proceeding to a checkout page when shopping in an online store.

Key Takeaways:

  • Should an online store use meta-refresh to direct users from the product page to the payment page it could lead to the unintentional indexing of the payment page.
  • Between allowing users to nav a site solo or use a relayed direct, some pros suggest allowing users to navigate the site without the direct.
  • It’s also possible that the delayed redirect to a payment page could negatively impact site-owner’s rankings.

“”Google?s John Mueller warns site owners using meta refresh that doing so may lead to the wrong content getting indexed.””

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