Apple Maps takes a step in the right direction

Google maps is king and Apple maps is, well, not precisely court-jester, but neither has Apple been nipping at Google’s legs either. Till now the race was not on. In fact upon launch Apple’s version instigated an apology from CEO Tim Cook. However, in late June the company put out the word that their newest take on the cartography market was going to be not just improved, but revamped from start to finish. One important distinction this time around is that Apple intends to hold the reins of the data powering up the new version, which did not happen during round one. Reliance on outside data was not a good plan, as it put Apple in the position of having to go with that source’s parameters, be they related to quality control, or to any other issue. This time, it’s hoped that Apple will prove a serious contender.Although, even if Apple gets the basics nailed, it will still be challenging. Google is constantly refining its maps with things like points of interest. Whatever happens, autonomous cars loom up ahead and correct navigation will be ever more essential

Key Takeaways:

  • With customers relying heavily on mobile navigation apps to find businesses, inaccurate location data can be a severe problem.
  • Apple is planning a major overhaul of Apple Maps in which Apple will control its own data rather than rely on third party managers.
  • Apple Maps will include improvements such as more accurate addresses that correspond to actual entrances, and new and improved 3D renderings.

“Keep your business listings on Google Maps updated, says contributor Adam Dorfman — and don’t overlook doing the same on Apple Maps.”

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